Change Log Filtering

Keep tabs on your Tabs with CHANGE LOG FILTERING!

The Change Log is located on the dashboard of any user that has Tab and Dashboard access.  You can find the Change Log along the right-hand side of the screen.  This window shows you all activity as it is happening within the tab in real time, with the most recent activity moving to the top of the list and turning green.

To better assist you monitoring your records, there are several options for viewing the Change Log.  These are available in a dropdown to the right of the title.  A Check mark will denote the current setting.

All Changes/Messages – Default

The default selection is “All Changes/Messages”.   As it implies, this shows you every action within the records on this tab.  It will shows the following

  • Actor change on an item
  • Item added/skipped/reopened
  • Any message on an item
  • Item completed
  • Much more

This view allows you to have visibility on anyone that is working in the system, whether or no they are asking questions on their items.

If you want to select a different filtering option to better suit your needs, you can simply click on it from the dropdown.  Note that when you make a new selection, it will save that on that particular tab going forward until you change it.  This is a user specific setting and will not apply to any other users that have access to this tab.

Messages Only

The second selection is “Messages Only”.  This option will only show messages on items in this tab.  This is helpful if you want to highlight in your view when a worker asks questions or when conversations are occurring.

Messages Without a Response

You can even get more specific about what messages are shown in the Change Log by selecting Messages Without a Response.  This will present only those messages on the tab that have not be responded to and may or may not require your attention.

Flagged Messages

The final option is Flagged Messages.  By selecting this, you will only be shown messages that you have flagged.

Flagging a message:

You may choose to flag a message that you want to come back to later/not forget about.  In order to do this, just hover your mouse over a message box in the Change Log window.  When you do this, a flag will appear in the upper right-hand corner of that box.  Click it to flag this message.

At any time you may wish to remove this flag.  Simply click on the flag to remove it.  The flag will stay on the item until it is removed, even after the item is closed.

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