Automate standardized calls with robocalling within PRYDE

Setting up Robo-Calling in PRYDE

The first step to setting up the calls is to go to the tab that you wish to set up the calls for.  If your tabs are following a Master tab, then the template must be set up on that Master tab (which is the tab that all others follow rules off of).  Click on the gear on this tab to open the menu window.

To create a new template click on New in the “Setup Call Templates” dialog.

You will need to name your template and then also enter a Setup Phone #.  The format of the phone number must be “(XXX) XXX-XXXX”

Once you are ready to record hit the Red “Record” button.  The system will call the Setup Phone number that you entered, and give you verbal instructions how to record your message.  It will allow you to listen to the message and re-record until you are happy and then can save.

The “Status” window will show all of the steps as the call moves through the process.

Once you have saved the message on your phone, it will show “Call Complete” and the template will be saved in PRYDE.

If you want to go and edit call templates, you can select the template from the dropdown and choose “open” then go through the same process to override the old message.

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