Sections Release Notes

Add new levels of complexity to records with Sections!

Sections have been added into PRYDE to help separate different processes that may occur within a worker’s record. You will now have the ability to create different sections that signify separation between these processes. This is not to be confused with queues. A single section can have limitless queues within it. Queues are used to create logical groupings of forms (Federal forms, background check forms, policy documents, etc.). There can be as many queues as necessary within a section.

The main benefits of using sections will be seen in the following areas.
Rehires – Use a new section for each time the person is brought back on and put through the rehire process.
Multiple Assignments – Use a separate section to divide each assignment and its required onboarding forms
Onboarding Phases – Separate the pre-hire, orientation phase, onboarding, offboarding phases.

Additionally, this enhancement will assist with backend processes that run automation ensuring that automation doesn’t run on very old areas of a record.  Keep in mind this is customizable, so you can decide to start a new section or allow all the queues to stay within the same section. It will all be determined by your own internal business needs.

To speed the review process along for dashboard users, PRYDE offers a Batch Review function. This allows Dashboard Users to choose all of the forms they need to review at once, and then work through the list without having to open and close each form.

Adding in New Sections and/or Queues:

In order to add a new section, you can do so by going to “Edit Queues”.  From here you will be able to see each section within a record and what queues are included in that section.  The green plus sign above the record now has a dropdown with several options.

You can add a queue to the current section, a queue to a different section or add a new section entirely.

If you choose Add Queue to Specified Section you will see the following screen that allows you to choose the section you wish to add the queue to.

Another quick way if you just want to add a queue to a specific Section is to hit the “+” next to the desired section.

You will have the option to move queues between sections if necessary.  You can do this by clicking on the icon with the up and down arrows.

Adding in New Items:

If you need to add new items to a person’s record, the process is still the same.  The only difference you will see is that when you choose the queue that you wish to place the item in, it will note next to the queue name which section the queue is in.  This will help in situations where you may have multiple queues with the same name within someone’s file (like in the case of a rehire)

Adding in templates:

There is one specific change to adding in templates to a worker.  If you are adding in a brand-new worker that has no existing items/sections then the process will not change in any way.  However, when you are adding in a template to a worker that already has information in their record, you will need to determine if the template you are adding is going to create a new Section OR if it will be added to the current section.  When looking at the Template manager, there is a box to choose if you want that template to apply to the current section.  Without choosing this, your template will create a new Section.

Setting up Section and Queue Preferences:

You have the ability to set up your preferences on how Queues and Sections behave within files.  To access these preferences, go to the dropdown next to Edit Queues and select Setup Queue Preferences.  This applies to your entire view across all tabs.

This will open the following preferences that allow you to choose what things remain open while other items may close.

Adding Items to Multiple Existing Records:

When adding items in bulk to multiple existing records you now must specify whether the new items will become a new section (which will become the new “current section”) or apply to the “current section” in each existing record queue. The default is to apply to the current section in each record. If you wish to create a new section containing the items added, you must toggle this button to “on” as shown in the image below.

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