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The iI-9 process can be long and confusing yet is an integral and highly important part of every onboarding.  The burden of this has fallen heavily on HR departments.  Meanwhile, the landscape has evolved into a new “wild west” of providers promising the world amidst ever-changing guidelines and security concerns.  The evolution from paper -> electronic form -> living document in the cloud has taken what was a single physical form with dark data into an anchor for the entire employment lifecycle.  A closer examination of the process can expose the benefits of focusing on the i9 process, and the dangers of falling behind in an industry rapidly advancing compliance as a core attribute.

Automate Onboarding Workflow


Harnesses an army of intelligent software robots to automate many tasks to enable consistent and efficient management of your onboarding processes. Deploy your staff to handle human tasks requiring intuition, creativity, and adaptability.

Cross-Functional Collboration


Devise a holistic approach to onboarding involving the whole organization with centralized information key to each team member’s role. Focus on communication and experience with a well orchestrated process from placement to first day and beyond.

Predictive Analytics


Leverage predictive analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your onboarding program. Connect the dots between various statistics including recruiting effort, tenure, time-to-proficiency, and revenue-per-employee and assign real value to your processes.


Gone are the days of storing hard-copies of paperwork in voluminous file cabinets.  This antiquated approach to compliance opens companies up to the risk of physical intrusion and data loss.  In a world of paper, large amounts of resources needed to be devoted to housing and accessing these records.  Additionally, redundancy becomes less of a compliance issue and more of a real-estate issue as ensuring document retention requires off-site backups.  With advanced tools like PRYDE, data integrity is safeguarded with systemic redundancies.  Backups happen automatically and are transported far away so nothing is lost even in widespread natural disasters and mass power outages.

The i9 needs to be completed within three days of the first day of work, which places it among the last onboarding tasks.  This doesn’t mean that the process starts on a worker’s day of hire, however.  By the time day one arrives you’ve likely already collected most of the information the worker will need to complete their portion of the i9.  Likewise, by this time, the person reviewing and completing the i9 will have already entered most of their information as well.  By gathering information from all previously entered sources, PRYDE provides significant time savings while reducing the chance of information being entered incorrectly in subsequent forms.

Onboarding starts with identifying the worker.  From the moment that worker is entered into PRYDE, they have a lasting record that contains a wealth of information about them and their assignment that is continuously growing and evolving.

Real-time reporting allows you to keep track of every worker that has been sourced.  This makes maintaining a workforce of any size manageable.  You can easily see workers that are ready to move onward into the next part of the process, and those that may need some extra help to keep up.


In addition to making sure data is collected and stored completely and securely, every item (forms, informational items, proof documentation, etc.) in the process is stored and tracked. PRYDE acts as a chain of custody for every worker entered by establishing specific items and tasks, defining and tracking timelines, and collating every event into a simple and easy to follow dashboard.

Automate Onboarding Workflow


Go beyond simply requiring fields and analyzing the type of data entered to limit incorrect entries that can delay starts and introduce compliance risk.

Cross-Functional Collboration


Reduce time and confusion on the part of workers.  Direction can be integrated into forms right where they need it.

Predictive Analytics


Make auditing records effortless.  Every character entered into a field is tracked.  Know exactly what was entered, when it was entered, and who entered it.


At the end of the day, the goal of every HR team is simple, “Get employees on the job quickly and safely”.  The i9 is an essential part of that onboarding process, and the safety and compliance of your business. PRYDE uses automation, advanced technologies, and decades of experience in workforce management to help get your business to that goal as quickly, inexpensively, and risk free as possible.

Reduce stress. Increase margins. Protect your business. DISCOVER COMPLIANCE.

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