Essium developed an innovative HR software solution called Xenqu designed for HR teams and staffing professionals who want to improve the accuracy & efficiency of their HR functions. Xenqu provides a single-click HR software solution from a unified platform for real-time reporting, electronic tracking and organizing employee documents.  Onboarding is fast, easy and efficient using pre-built content that is compliant with the latest federal, state and local regulations. Process automation built into the Xenqu HR software ensures a high level of compliance and accuracy for your organization.

Xenqu Is Simple, Smart HR Technology

Essium developed an innovative HR software solution called Xenqu designed for HR and Staffing professionals who want to improve the accuracy & efficiency of HR functions. This advanced solution-based technology is designed to maximize the organizational impact of your Human Resources team.


Technology: Point Of No Return

Technology has made an immense impact on the human species, more profoundly than any other development since humans established formal communication about 200,000 years ago. It affects every interaction that we have as humans.  Personally, professionally, and globally.  People from older generations remember a time when a single phone would ring in the house, not knowing…

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19 Onboarding Stats To Blow Your Mind

Onboarding helps increase employee engagement and new hire productivity. An effective onboarding process also helps increase retention and overall company profitability. If you’re an HR professional, you understand the work required to recruit, hire, and retain top talent. While the statistics that support onboarding are overwhelming, not every business leader understands the power of the…

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The Growing Challenge of I-9 Compliance for HR

Compliance regulations aren’t going away anytime soon. Even in the tangled sophistication of growing compliance requirements, most employers are aware of the need to complete a Form I-9, for every new hire. However, many employers don’t understand the significant implications of failing to fill-out the form correctly. A costly mistake to say the least, improper…

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