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Your candidates expect a great onboarding experience

Own your hiring process

Every company has unique hiring requirements.  Don’t settle for inadequate software that can’t accommodate your onboarding needs.  Let Essium show you how to build a complete solution that works for you – not against you.

Onboard faster and smarter

A clunky, out-dated onboarding process isn’t going to help you compete for top talent. Today’s forward thinking companies adopt cutting edge technology to accelerate onboarding and provide a top-notch experience to their new employees.

Make onboarding easy

Don’t lose top candidates to cumbersome and confusing onboarding processes. Create an easy-to-use, step-by-step process to walk new hires through your onboarding requirements.

Whatever you want your experience to be, that’s what it is going to be.”

— Erin Brown, HR Director | Open Systems Healthcare

Cutting edge software to accelerate onboarding

Eliminate Steps

Automate common, repeated tasks.  Improve data quality.  Reduce administrative burden.

Communicate Constantly

Alerts and reminders keep everyone on task. Use email or text to ensure messages are received.

Integrate Everything

Connect all your sources of data together through integration. Eliminate double entry and redundant data tracking.

Ditch Complexity

One-click logins, auto-filled forms, and scanning documents using a phone’s camera.  Tons of no-hassle features make onboarding a breeze.

Say Goodbye to Form I-9 and E-Verify Noncompliance

Remote Hires

Stay compliant with I9 Section 2 requirements using our unique built-in process.

Fully Auditable

Every change tracks the user, timestamp, and value.  Quickly access a full history to demonstrate controls.

Integrated EVerify

Automated and only requires intervention if your input is needed.

I-9 compliance is also a big risk for our business and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the form I-9 exactly and adheres to EVerify requirements.”

— Tracie Tyte | Sr. Compliance Manager | Modis

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