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What exactly Is AI?

What Exactly is AI and what does it have to do with HR? There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days. Industry leaders use it to identify the latest in smart technologies and bloggers use it as a trendy buzzword. Some everyday folks might think of AI as fictional robots that…

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19 Onboarding Stats To Blow Your Mind

Onboarding helps increase employee engagement and new hire productivity. An effective onboarding process also helps increase retention and overall company profitability. If you’re an HR professional, you understand the work required to recruit, hire, and retain top talent. While the statistics that support onboarding are overwhelming, not every business leader understands the power of the…

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3 Ways Onboarding Goes Beyond Collecting Paperwork

1) Ensure candidate feel welcome and important A solid communication plan can strengthen a relationship between you and your candidate. Not only will it result in more starts and longer tenures but will also generate more referrals. Try these strategies: Have everyone who will support the candidate both during the onboarding process and while employed connect…

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