With each new customer, we embark on a journey in creating a customized system that automates HR functions, enhances workforce compliance and increases productivity. We would love to talk about how we have changed the world of HR technology, but we would rather share case studies from real Essium customers who have dramatically improved their user experience, risk exposure, and cost savings using Xenqu.

“..the team is very ‘can do’ motivated. I rarely heard ‘no’ in the imlementation process. The team was tilling to make significant system wide changes based on my recommendations.”

Karen Farrington, Vice President | Matura Farrington

Matura Farrington Case Study

Matura Farrington is a Los Angeles-based staffing services company providing direct hire and temporary staffing assistance to California businesses since 1994. In its mission to “match employers with employees to form successful work relationships,” Matura Farrington manages a workforce of temporary employees and is committed to complying with broad and stringent local, state and federal regulations and laws.

“Essium has done wonderful work for us and have exceeded our expectations. Xenqu is beyond anything that we initially thought an HRM sysrem could do for us and our processes.”

Kristen Sanders, HR Admin and Account Manager | Flex Pharmacy Services

Flexible Pharmacy Services Case Study

Flexible Pharmacy Services based in Louisville, KY specializes in pharmacy staffing, consulting and recruiting services for clinical consultant pharmacists, staff pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. With a pharmacist as its president and CEO, Flexible Pharmacy Services understands the unique needs of their employees, vendors, recruiting candidates and clients. Clinical consultant pharmacist assignments generally serve assisted and skilled nursing care facilities, group homes for the mentally and physically disabled, and oxygen suppliers (where required). Staffing pharmacist and technician duties include assignments in long term care, home infusion, mail order, hospital, specialty pharmacies and independent retail pharmacies.