Master Compliance in Every Jurisdiction

Compliance management can feel overwhelming.

It Doesn’t Have To

Simplify Remote I-9 and E-Verify

Remote hiring and onboarding provides you access to the widest candidate pool possible. But iron-clad auditability is key.


Make Credentialing Pain-Free

Healthcare credentialing doesn’t have to be a compliance management nightmare. Use the right tools to support background checks, manage certification renewals, track inoculations and deliver a peerless candidate experience.


Upgrade Your Compliance Management.

Laws and regulations change by the minute. Your onboarding process needs to change just as fast. Xenqu automatically updates to keep up with changing regulation and provides the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs.

State lines and deadlines don’t have to be barriers to sourcing high-quality candidates. We’ll work with you to ensure you can hire in accordance with different state and local laws.

The key to a successful audit is to keep a complete, central repository of documentation. We’ll automatically store everything you need for a fast and favorable audit. No more chasing down documentation and hoping for the best.

What makes an HR professional great at their job? It’s their unparalleled ability to build relationships with candidates and employees — not their ability to enter data over and over again. Xenqu automates the onboarding process to ensure your data is in compliance and to frees HR professionals to do what they do best.

Actionable Insight

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“One of my biggest struggles as an HR provider was when we were opening up new states, and we had to obtain the necessary documentation. It would take multiple steps with our previous system to add state forms, and other required documentation and one thing that we were really impressed with when we started with Xenqu, is all of that was already built into the system. I never had to think about it again.”
- Kristen Sanders | HR Admin and Account Manager | Flex Pharmacy Services

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