Ben Olson



“As the CEO of Essium, I handpick each member of our technology team. I choose the people who I am confident will work well with our clients.  I love working with smart people who help build smart solutions.”

Ben has applied over twenty years of technology experience in founding and creating an innovative HR technology firm called Essium. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Oakland University with a minor in Business Management. He started his career at a company called Chimes which is known for pioneering a VMS program for staffing companies in the Midwest region when the technology was completely unknown. Ben led the systems architecture group at Chimes for 12 years.  His career was largely focused on the development of workforce management applications, giving him extensive knowledge and expertise in recruiting and retaining talented IT professionals.

Five years ago, Ben recognized that there was an increasing demand for intuitive onboarding technology in the HR world and began to develop the software that is formerly known as PRYDE.  Ben established Essium LLC and began to recruit software developers and analysts to help him realize his dream of creating the world best HR software solution that is known today as Xenqu. Ben leverages his passion for creating intuitive user experiences by analyzing large data sets and discovering opportunities to automate business processes all designed to facilitate Essium’s mission to generate significant value for its clients.

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