Tina Catron

Director of Marketing


“Working with the Essium team inspires me to be really creative in my approach to developing marketing strategy and helping the company reach the next level of success.”

Tina brings extensive experience in B2B marketing to the Essium team. She takes an entrepreneurial approach when developing marketing strategy and implements it using proven and effective methods. Tina earned a B.S. Degree in Marketing from Oakland University and since then has worked for a variety of small to medium-sized private companies as well as non-profit organizations.  She understands the steps that growing businesses need to make in order to find the next level of success and helping them get there is an area where she excels.

She also understands how the digital world of marketing has changed the way we do business and the impact that it can have on an organization. Tina uses this knowledge to implement strategies designed to build the company’s brand and to drive sales through a variety of channels. Working for a company like Essium gives Tina the opportunity to explore new and exciting marketing initiatives that are innovative and impactful. The Essium company culture inspires and empowers her to continuously reach for new heights, with the goal of helping Essium reach new levels of success.

Learn more about Tina at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-catron-42995091/