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“Our business onboards over 200 people a week on average. We needed a software tool that would provide compliance controls, automation, and reporting capabilities for high volume business. The software has more than met our business needs. I-9 compliance is also a big risk for our business and the software is one of the few on the market that mirrors the form I-9 exactly and adheres to most Everify requirements.”

Tracie Tyte | Sr. Compliance Manager | Modis

Xenqu is a secure, online platform designed to streamline HR operations, engage your employees, and ensure compliance

Quick and Easy

Starting a new job is stressful.  A well designed onboarding process minimizes the uncertainty and anxiety associated with starting a new job.  With Xenqu’s unique dynamic content and workflow engine, you can create an onboarding process customized to your organization’s needs. Impress your new employees with engaging content and a simple, streamlined onboarding experience.

Automate Tasks

Let Xenqu do the heavy lifting by automating important steps in the onboarding process. Configure timely communication via email, text, or voice to keep your new employee engaged and aware of important details about their new job. Keep the process moving forward by connecting key departments to participate in onboarding a new employee.

Always Compliant

Creating a compliant employee file starts with onboarding. Xenqu enables collecting and storing all necessary documents, signatures, and audit trails in one place assuring secure and convenient access for reporting and auditing purposes.


  • Automated welcome notifications

  • Custom fillable offer letters and contracts

  • Integrated I9/EVerify including automated remote agent process

  • Built-in criminal background checks and drug testing

  • Fully automated inclusion of correct government forms and posters

  • Support for conditional forms and notices based on job

  • Create customized checklists

  • Distribute policies, handbooks, and any other content including videos

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