Electronic Forms

Electronic forms and digital signatures eliminate paper waste and keep your process fast, efficient, and compliant

Dynamic Forms

Go beyond filling in the blanks

Xenqu started as a platform to create and manage digital forms.  Powerful form creation tools combine with an inclusive ecosystem to bring all of your HR processes together into one place.  Let your forms drive your process by customizing queues and triggering events downstream based on initial forms.

Digital Signatures

Sign securely without the paper

Signing documents has never been simpler.  Send forms and contracts to be signed directly in the system.  Assign multiple users to sign the same items without ever touching a piece of paper.  Signatures are tied to individual user accounts so you can be certain you’re collecting signatures from the correct people.  Unique keys are created for every signature so you can ensure the legitimacy of signatures even if they are taken off of the platform.

Mobile Ready

All your forms for every format

No access to a computer? Not a problem with Xenqu.  All your forms can be coded as mobile versions that can be then completed by your workers from their smart phone or tablet.   Allow them to move through the process seamlessly and quickly right from their handheld device.

Reporting and Automation

Eliminate dark data

Our overview dashboard allows you to take reporting one step higher and see it in easy to understand charts and graphs.  Since all forms are made electronic within the system, it allows you to report on any data entered within them.  Gone are the days of dark data that is useless once it has been filed away. This dashboard is completely customizable and unique to each user. Quickly see things that are falling behind and need follow up, as well as track your employee’s workload.

Secure Storage

Confidentiality in the cloud

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