3rd Party Integrations

Unify management of all your processes and automate across systems all from one dashboard

Seamless Integration

Many processes, one platform

Xenqu has the ability to integrate with your API (Application Programming Interface), and offers our own API to connect to Xenqu. Whether your process starts with an ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), or ends with a downstream Payroll system, Xenqu allows you to drive your entire process through a single unified platform. A seamless transition into a single platform solution provides a number of features custom designed to meet your organizational needs.

Employee Records

Lifecycle reporting all in one place

One of the key features of Xenqu is its ability to create, track and report on employee records. Records can be exported from your current systems and imported into Xenqu  where they can be easily accessed and managed by the HR team.

Automated Workflow

Process automation for every system you use

Xenqu has the ability to automate workflow processes with the information that your organization chooses to integrate into the system. One of the primary benefits of automating processes using Xenqu is the administrative relief it gives HR teams. It also creates a high level of accuracy and efficiency for the entire organization.

Benefits & Payroll

On-the-job automation for more than just onboarding

However your benefits and payroll are managed today, Xenqu has the ability to integrate with your external systems allowing you to manage functions related to benefits and payroll from one unified platform.  Collect and validate worker information in Xenqu, and use that information to trigger or complete processes in downstream systems.

Simplified HR Processes

Increase accuracy faster

Xenqu’s ability to integrate with a wide range of digital systems allows your organization to bring multiple system processes into one simple solution. For organizations that rely on paper files and manual tracking, Xenqu eliminates the room for error and increases compliance & accuracy by providing a digital solution for every process.