Video & Content Distribution

All of your content when and where you need it

Everything Digital

Go paperless and manage every document and required form in Xenqu

Xenqu can house any type of proprietary content that your organization requires for onboarding and compliance.   These materials may include comprehension quizzes, employee assessments, offer letters, standard onboarding forms, benefit offerings, checklists and more. All of these items built together on our platform to be easily completed and reviewed by both your workers and your administrators. Set up many types of rules to your content to ensure it meets the needs of your HR Management team.

Compliance First

Always up to date content

Essium creates and maintains all federal, state, local forms, and notices required during the new hire process. Our Government Package process will automatically add the required forms into a record based on the locations entered.  This addresses companies that hire across the United States and will have people employed in places that have state and specific local forms including reciprocity. Electronic signatures, encrypted data technology, and E-Verify further streamline the process of complying with U.S. work authorization, personal privacy, and security requirements by the government.

Video and Multimedia

Distribute content, no matter what it may be

Deliver rich content to your workers.  Materials are not limited to only documents but can also include Videos, PDF’s, read only informational documents, and more! The Force Complete feature ensures that the item is reviewed in its entirety.  Additionally, require them to sign acknowledgements or complete comprehension assessments to ensure compliance. Xenqu delivers whatever content you have in a single platform to keep you organized and on track.

Interactive Content

Training, Performance, and Learning Management

Xenqu provides a platform for all sorts of interactive content.  From field-level validation to pre-built SCORM content you can deliver and report on it all in one place.  Build comprehensive quizzes and evaluations using the native form builder.  Regardless of the content, report on it all with customized dashboards you can click through to get the level of granularity you need.


Ensuring compliance in the future

As information is transmitted to and from Xenqu, it is secured using standard security methods and electronic file encryption technology. All accounts are secured with strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and access controls. These security measures also create a high level of confidentiality, ensuring that workers cannot see the information from any other worker’s file. Only pre-authorized staff can access employee records and a time stamp records file activity within the system for full transparency.

In addition to making sure data is collected and stored completely and securely, the Xenqu system also ensures that all completed onboarding documentation is stored for use in future reporting and auditing. Xenqu acts as a chain of custody for every worker entered into the system and establishes specific automated tasks, defines and tracks timelines, and collates every event into a simple, easy-to-follow dashboard.