Xenqu Integration

Xenqu HR technology integrates with your existing systems to create an efficient and seamless transition into a single platform solution.

Seamless Integration

Xenqu has the ability to integrate with your current API (Application Programming Interface) or recruitment ATS (Applicant Tracking Software), creating a singular unified platform. This seamless solution provides a number of features that can be custom designed to meet your organizational needs.

Employee Records

One of the key features of Xenqu is its ability to create, track, and report on employee records. Records can be exported from a legacy system and imported into Xenqu, where they’re easily accessible and manageable for your HR team.

Automated Workflow

You can use Xenqu to automate workflow processes with whatever information your organization chooses to integrate into the system. By automating these processes, your HR team will benefit from the administrative relief the platform can provide. Not only that, but it also generates significant accuracy and efficiency across your entire organization.

Benefits & Payroll

No matter how your benefits and payroll are managed today, Xenqu can integrate with your legacy system, allowing you to oversee these functions from a single source.

Since both benefits and payroll are intricately connected to HR, housing them under one roof is wise. It also allows information to flow between systems, simplifying data entry and ongoing management.

Simplified HR Processes

Since Xenqu can integrate with a wide range of digital systems, it allows your organization to consolidate multiple processes into one simple platform. For organizations that rely on paper files and manual tracking, Xenqu eliminates the room for error, strengthening both compliance and accuracy.

“With a growing number of platforms, solutions, and services available for buyers, it’s important to understand some of the pitfalls of building your HR processes.   According to analyst Josh Bersin, the average company has seven different communication systems…”

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Ben Olson
CEO, Essium

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