Onboarding Automation

Automation simplifies workflows, reduces administrative burden and creates a high level of accuracy and efficiency in all areas of workforce management.

Onboarding Automation is the Keystone of the Xenqu Platform

Manually maintaining employment records, running audit-ready reports and verifying data are some of the most time-consuming tasks for HR administrators. Xenqu’s onboarding automation tools solve this problem, giving your team single click solutions to produce information quickly.

In addition to automating tasks, Xenqu contains Smart Technology “Intelligent Bots” that perform continuous data audits, ensuring constant compliance with labor and employment regulations. The same technology creates compliance tasks, signaling when deadlines are approaching. 

Xenqu’s automation simplifies workflow management processes, creating a high level of accuracy and productivity in all areas of workforce management.


How Process Automation Works For HR

Xenqu’s various automated processes are designed to keep your HR functions efficient and organized. Our team will explore the needs of your company and match them with the tools available within the Xenqu system, building out custom content that solves for your situation.

Let’s outline some of Xenqu’s most commonly requested onboarding automation features:


Form I-9 & E-Verify

Xenqu allows users to complete I-9 forms by leveraging the automated features of personalized dashboards. An electronic signature is created during I-9 completion and saved for use on other forms throughout onboarding. 

Photo-match technology further simplifies the process. After photo IDs and other proof documents are uploaded as a user completes their I-9, the materials are verified and remain in the system for use in other onboarding functions.

Once the I-9 form is completed and signed, live field data is automatically transmitted to the E-Verify system to begin verification. Xenqu receives the results from E-Verify and notifies the HR administrator whether the new hire is authorized to work, a verification is in process, or if there are any non-conformances. If a TNC comes through, it can be handled directly inside the system.


Work Authorization and Visa Management

In an increasingly globalized economy, U.S. businesses are seeking to obtain the best talent from both the U.S. & abroad. When hiring from abroad, it is important that employees maintain their visa status, or it could put your business at unnecessary risk. 

Xenqu runs continuous audits that monitor all expiration dates and automatically queue up reminders about expiring visas or work authorizations. The system also reminds HR administrators which forms and documentation are required to remain compliant.


FMLA Tracking and Compliance

FMLA presents several compliance issues that are complicated by ever-changing federal and state laws. To properly abide by regulations, companies must build FMLA policies and procedures that are acknowledged by employees, implement forms for requesting time off, and document that time off to validate it occurred.

Essium can help you devise strategies to manage FMLA-related events properly, allowing you to identify patterns of abuse and to avoid complaints should disciplinary action be required.


License and Credential management

Organizations that employ workers who need licensing or credentials must ensure the timely renewal of these certifications by documenting evidence that they are current. Additionally, these requirements must be aligned with the worker’s job description to ensure the correct qualifications are held for their targeted role. 

Essium can help you leverage the power of Xenqu to track, document, and verify all necessary licenses and credentials for any given worker’s position. Once evidence is recorded, the platform enables you to quickly respond and present audits to regulatory bodies.


Benefits Administration

Maintaining ACA compliance, educating employees on benefits options, and gathering enrollment information are time-intensive tasks. Additionally, failing to accomplish these tasks can be costly.

Essium can work with you to create intuitive material describing benefit packages and building dynamic enrollment workflows in Xenqu, ensuring all necessary information is collected and conveyed to the designated carriers.


Conduct Policy Compliance 

Regulatory compliance demands evidence of the completion and comprehension of requirements. Distributing this proof to both staff and contractors is difficult enough. Meanwhile, email and spreadsheets don’t close the loop on gathering actual audit-proof data demonstrating compliance. 

Xenqu enables the development and distribution of interactive content. It tracks when employees have actually received and read the material. Then, reporting tools enable HR teams to see the time spent reviewing and interacting with the content to build and improve their documentation. It also helps stakeholders identify potential risks that require mitigation.

Overall, onboarding automation can simplify processes across your business, helping you avoid the administrative burden of HR tasks, while streamlining your employees’ lifecycles.


Onboarding Automation Reporting

Reporting can help you determine how to optimize your onboarding process, ensuring you’re making data-driven decisions to improve the new hire experience.

Xenqu’s robust reporting capabilities facilitate success. The platform lets HR administrators build reports from any field or data point. Then, the reports can be exported into either an Excel file or batch downloaded into PDF format for use in other systems, audits, or business processes.

Every unique reporting field in Xenqu is searchable and auditable making this system one of the smartest HR reporting technologies available today.

“Record-based systems rely on human power for upkeep, and an exorbitant amount of communication between people who must prevent compliance mistakes from happening.”

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Ben Olson
CEO, Essium

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