Deliver a seamless employee onboarding process

Onboarding serves as your first impression.

Make it Truly Memorable

 Reduce Error and Manual Touchpoints

Let automation smooth out the wrinkles in your employee onboarding process. Xenqu automatically populates forms, audits documents, and validates data, all while seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow.

Overcome Distance and Attract High-Quality Candidates

The best candidates won’t always be found next door. Xenqu’s mobile- and remote-friendly approach means that rather than force candidates to schedule around travel needs, you can onboard them wherever they are.

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Xenqu users have access to a single dashboard that offers a full overview of the entire employee onboarding process. Track the status of key documents, credentialing and the candidate journey to identify where your support is needed.

Nobody is an expert right out of the gate; that’s why we developed Xenqu to facilitate easy reporting at the field, form and record level. Gain insight into your workflow’s bottlenecks to iterate on and refine your employee onboarding process.

Intelligent bots automatically communicate with candidates  about next steps, compliance, procedures and more. When the candidate needs simple but critical information in order to progress, there’s no need to let communication delays between your HR team and the candidate hold the process up.

Like every other experience in the 21st century, candidates expect onboarding to work via mobile. Forcing candidates to access onboarding via a computer limits your candidate pool and makes your process more inconvenient. Deliver an onboarding experience that takes place entirely through the candidate’s preferred device instead.

Actionable Insight

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“Essium has done wonderful work for us and have exceeded our expectations. Xenqu is beyond anything that we initially thought an HRM system could do for us and our processes.”
- Kristen Sanders | HR Admin and Account Manager | Flex Pharmacy Services

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