Essium was born from an idea, and a desire to create one of the most intuitive and innovative HR Software technologies available in the world of HR Management. Ben Olson, CEO and his brother Joel Olson, Director of Core Technology work together to lead a small group of highly knowledgeable software developers who have worked tirelessly to create a practical, easy-to-use onboarding & compliance solution designed for HR professionals. Today, that solution is called Xenqu. In the five years that Essium has been in existence, Ben and Joel assembled a team that developed & implemented countless innovative features into Xenqu. New features often come from a specific client need or request. Flexibility and positive user experience are two things that are at the core of Xenqu and our team is continuously on the lookout for new features that enhance those core initiatives. Our team of technology experts have a passion for HRM and understand the complex administrative needs of HR professionals. Helping clients keep up in this new world of HR technology is one of the most important pillars of our mission and we look forward to continuing to grow with our clients for many years to come.

Essium founder Barry Olson began his career in the staffing industry 43 years ago.  He created the first MSP (Managed Service Provider) system and VMS program for staffing companies in the Midwest region in the 90’s when the technology was completely unknown.
Essium’s current CEO Ben Olson helped create the first MSP technology, and has been involved with the development of technology in the staffing industry ever since. Five years ago, Ben and his brother Joel recognized that there was an increasing demand for intuitive onboarding technology in the HR world and began to develop the Xenqu software system (formerly known as PRYDE).  Ben and Joel established Essium LLC and began to recruit software developers and analysts to help them realize their dream of creating the world’s best HR Software solution.
Each senior member of the Essium team has at least 10 years of experience in the staffing industry.  They each have intimate knowledge of the challenges that HR teams face and are very passionate about the technology that Essium has developed which brings a new level of efficiency, accuracy and compliance to the new world of HR Management.
Once a client is established, our team works with them to understand their individual needs and deliver custom-designed technology that solves the challenges Human Resources teams face every day. Our team of technology experts have a passion for HRM, and understand the challenges that HR Managers face today.


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