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Build Momentum Through Automation

Both you and your candidates are eager to get started. Let a best-in-class onboarding program handle the tedium so you can focus on the candidate’s journey.

Reduce Duplication and Drive Efficiency

For both the candidate and the HR professional, nothing kills onboarding momentum more than repeatedly filling in the same information. Xenqu autopopulates data to reduce your workload and speed time to start.

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Xenqu Streamlines Onboarding for a Faster Time to Start

Your candidates are eager to get to work. As HR professionals, our job is to minimize their downtime and facilitate their journey towards a satisfying career. A faster time to start is the criteria candidates evaluate their onboarding experience by.

Credentialing can be a serious speed bump when onboarding healthcare professionals. Using the right onboarding program, you can quickly conduct background checks, manage certification renewals, track inoculations and get healthcare professionals on the job quicker.

HR professionals rely on an assortment of different tools to onboard candidates: background checking, ATSs, E-Verify and other portals and logins. Switching between these different systems and tools eats away at your day, slowing down the overall onboarding process. Xenqu integrates all the tools in your onboarding ecosystem and places everything you need at your fingertips.

Travel time and finding access to a computer place an undue burden on the candidate, making it more difficult for them to progress through the onboarding journey. Taking on these burdens, however, isn’t necessary. Through Xenqu, candidates can complete their I-9s remotely and on their mobile devices. Making onboarding accessible to everyone — no matter where they are — means a faster time to start.

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“I was also impressed with the speed at which the team got us up and running… [they were] fast and ready to make changes daily – I never waited for anything to get done.”
- Karen Farrington | Vice President | Matura Farrington

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