The Xenqu HR Software Solution

Xenqu is an innovative HR software solution. This advanced HR technology is designed to maximize the organizational impact during this new era of Human Resources.

Process automation is the keystone of the Xenqu HR software system.  The time-saving element of reducing the administrative burden of HR tasks is the greatest benefit to HR teams.  Xenqu gives your HR team a single click solution in producing audit-ready reports quickly and efficiently.

Smart technology “Intelligent Bots” run continuous data audits ensuring compliance at all times. Xenqu creates compliance tasks that are elevated when deadline dates approach.  Automation simplifies workflow management processes creating a high level of accuracy and efficiency in all areas of workforce management.

The onboarding process is quick and easy using pre-loaded federal, state, and local forms and notices required during the new hire process. Electronic signatures, encrypted data technology, and E-Verify further streamline the process of complying with US work authorization and workplace safety and security requirements.


Single click HR functions create a high level of productivity, accuracy, and efficiency for your organization.

Xenqu provides a single-click solution from a unified HR software platform making reporting, tracking and managing employee documentation easier than ever before. Onboarding is fast, easy and efficient using pre-built content that is compliant with the latest federal, state and local regulations. The onboarding features of Xenqu offer multi-language options, live support via IM, email or phone to remove lags during the onboarding process. Consistent process and workflows maximize productivity and efficiency, allowing your HR team to focus their attention on the human side of the business.


Process automation ensures a high level of accuracy and worry-free compliance in the new world of HR technology.  

Xenqu’s “intelligent bots” run continuous data audits on personnel files to ensure compliance at all times. Audit-ready reporting is available in real-time at the touch of a button. Automated processes also perform field-level tracking in areas most important to your organization such as license expiration dates and regulatory policy changes. Xenqu manages every element of workforce compliance to ensure that your HR team can better allocate their efforts in making a positive impact on your organization.


Pre-built electronic forms and audit-ready reporting make compliance easier to achieve than ever before. 

Xenqu is a complete and customizable single-platform HR software solution that is designed to make every HR task accurate and efficient. Automated features ensure global compliance by tracking employee records and notifying HR of license expirations and changing compliance requirements. Onboarding is streamlined using an easy to follow dashboard and pre-loaded forms that can be customized by your HR team. Once completed, the information is pushed to subsequent forms removing the need to provide duplicate information.

How Xenqu Works For You

There are many features of Xenqu that make it the most innovative automation software system available today.  It contains all of the building blocks needed to construct complex forms and workflows that ensure compliance at all times.  Our team of analysts work with each client to understand their individual needs before creating a custom-designed system for your organization. Onboarding, live record keeping, process automation, and compliance are just some of the ways Xenqu can work for your organization.