Xenqu | Workforce Management Solution

Xenqu is designed to maximize the impact HR efforts have on your organization.

Worker Experience is at the core of successful onboarding. Xenqu streamlines the experience for new hires, providing electronic signatures, remote I-9 E-Verify, and built-in communication capabilities.

Onboarding Automation is the keystone of Xenqu. The platform provides license and credential management, work authorization and visa management, and FMLA tracking, among other features.

Compliance is vital to reduce risk. Xenqu uses “Intelligent Bots” to run continuous data audits ensuring compliance for every employee record in your system at all times.

How Xenqu Works For You

Onboarding, record keeping, process automation, and compliance are just some of the tasks Xenqu can improve within your organization. Our analysts partner with you to understand your needs before creating a custom-designed solution to resolve your business’s specific challenges.

We invite you to join us for a 30-minute demo where we offer an in-depth look at how Xenqu can work for you.

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A Unified Platform for Your Onboarding Needs

Xenqu is an onboarding software that provides single-click solutions for reporting, tracking, and managing employee documentation. It does this by creating a unified platform, integrating with your existing API (Application Programming Interface) or recruitment ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). Xenqu also features a variety of built-in elements, such as electronic signatures, automated remote I-9 E-Verify, and real-time communication through text messaging, IM, email, and robo calling.


HR Technology to Improve Productivity

Using pre-built content that is compliant with the latest federal, state and local regulations, Xenqu can make your onboarding process easy and efficient. It offers multi-language options and live support via messaging, email, or phone to remove unnecessary hurdles. By maintaining consistent processes and workflows, Xenqu maximizes your team’s productivity so they can focus their attention on people instead of administrative hassles.

Onboarding Software for a Better Worker Experience

Xenqu is designed to give users a smooth onboarding experience from any device anywhere in the world. From the first interaction, new hires receive their own dashboard where they can complete all necessary forms from a single location. The platform offers electronic signatures, Form I-9, E-Verify, built-in communication, and other elements to ensure success. With Xenqu, show your new hires that your company is forward thinking and values the accuracy and efficiency that onboarding software provides.

Compliance to Reduce Risk

Compliance is a vital component for your business’ success. Security controls, continuous monitoring, and reporting are all part of an effective compliance plan. By adhering to regulations completely and accurately, you reduce risk, but it is a time-consuming and often burdensome task. Fortunately, using “Intelligent Bot” Smart Technology, Xenqu can do the heavy lifting for you. It continuously tracks your HR records based on your custom criteria, ensuring compliance is met at all times.

Onboarding Automation To Improve Accuracy

Beyond tracking employee records, Xenqu offers features to automate processes across your company, including I-9 and E-Verify tasks, work authorization and visa management, FMLA tracking and compliance, license and credential management, benefits administration, conduct policy compliance, and audit-ready reporting, By automating in these areas, Xenqu improves your organization’s accuracy and efficiency.