Xenqu is an intelligent solution that streamlines onboarding and ensures compliance during the new hire process.  Integrated processes further streamline onboarding with features that include legally binding digital signatures, I-9 compliance, E-Verify, background checks, secure data entry,  mobile capabilities, and form tracking. 

Unique Onboarding With Xenqu

Xenqu allows your incoming workers to complete onboarding paperwork in minutes using a desktop computer or mobile device. Xenqu keeps the worker engaged as they move through the onboarding process by providing real-time communication and tools to ensure all required fields are completed accurately.

The worker has the ability to ask questions using IM, Text or email right from the onboarding dashboard. The HR administrator can observe the worker as they complete the forms and respond to questions as they occur using the administrative dashboard.

Streamlining The Onboarding Process

Xenqu streamlines the onboarding process at the initial time of hire and beyond as the worker evolves within the company. The information that is initially collected on a worker is automatically pushed out to all future forms and downstream systems.In doing this, Xenqu provides substantial gains in time efficiency and data accuracy. Structured templates and processes ensure that all information needed for every subsequent step is ready and available. This process ensures that every requirement has been met and that no part of the process holds up the worker’s start date.

Worker Onboarding Interface

When a worker is identified, the process of onboarding begins with an automated invite via an email link.  The link may be accessed using either a desktop or a mobile device. The worker creates a user account and is given access to the required governmental and internal forms that are required to be completed by the organization.  All onboarding forms and tasks are organized in an easy to navigate the list.

Live support is built into the system to assist the worker as they navigate through the forms. Step-by-step easy to read instructions are posted on the dashboard side panel. While the user is completing the online forms, your HR Administrator has the ability to observe the process in real time and uses built-in communications such as IM, text, email and robocalling to support the worker if they get held up during any part of the process.

Forms are signed using a legally binding digital signature and verified using E-Verify. The data that is entered into the forms is secured using the latest data encryption technology.

Administrator Onboarding Interface

Xenqu gives HR Administrators the tools to dramatically improve the overall experience of onboarding by utilizing some of the most innovative, smart technology available today. Xenqu allows HR administrators to seamlessly manage onboarding tasks through an interactive dashboard that gives the user total visibility of the entire process.

One of the built-in tools offered by Xenqu includes a live communication feature that connects the administrator with the worker in real-time while the onboarding process occurs. This feature can be set up as IM, text, email or phone. If a worker his having trouble completing the onboarding materials or has questions along the way, the administrator can answer them in real time, continuing the onboarding process.

The dashboard allows HR teams to monitor the progress of prescreening tasks, offer letters, new hire paperwork, and compliance tasks. The value of having an innovative system such as Xenqu, it enhances the overall management and efficiency of onboarding giving HR Administrators the freedom to be more impactful, organized and efficient.

The Xenqu dashboard highlights a number of activities from prescreening to onboarding including:

  • Prescreening progress
  • New hire offers
  • Electronic paperwork monitoring
  • Customized task prioritization
  • Live “change log” to observe new hire activity
  • Process automation creates task reminders
  • Live communication (IM, email, text & phone) to support the onboarding process.
  • Real-time reporting (daily status, weekly performance and audits)
  • Electronic employee record management
  • Calendar reminders for pending tasks

I-9 to E-Verify

The Xenqu automated I-9 process requires that all open fields be completed before moving on to other forms. Once the form is completed, the details are pushed into subsequent forms.  Each form is signed using electronic signature technology and the recorded Information is automatically transmitted to the E-Verify system to begin the verification process.  Xenqu receives the response from E-Verify and notifies the HR Administrator whether the worker is authorized to work, a verification is in process, or if there are non-conformances. If a TNC comes through, it can be handled directly within the system.  Photo-match is also simplified because IDs and other proof documents are already available in the system from the initial I-9 process.

“A smooth and efficient employee onboarding process can help prevent bad hires, integrate new hires into the company culture, and bring your new employee to full productivity.”

Ben Olson
CEO, Essium

Discover More About How Xenqu Can Work For You.

We invite you to join us for a 30-minute demo of Xenqu where you will get an in-depth look at how Xenqu can work for your organization. Many features of this innovative platform can be customized to resolve specific challenges and to take your workforce management initiatives to the next level.