Real-time Reporting

Give your HR Management team the tools to track & manage data analytics from one comprehensive dashboard.  Create complete, accurate, audit-ready reports in minutes.

Xenqu Single-Click Reporting

Real-time reporting allows HR teams to track workforce analytics, ensure policy compliance, and create audit-ready reports in minutes. Reporting can be done on a field, form or record level giving the user a wide range of capabilities. These features ensure that records are compliant, organized and complete at all times.

Live Reporting Capabilities

Xenqu’s reporting capabilities give your HR team the ability to quickly and easily create audit-ready reports in a single click. Gone are the days when audit reporting took hours, Xenqu allows your HR team to pull full reports from any live field, form or record in minutes.

Every unique reporting field in Xenqu is searchable and auditable making this system one of the smartest HR reporting technologies available today. Reporting can be done at the field, form or record level through a custom dashboard. The reporting system also allows for easy and efficient import & export of data.

Export or Download

Xenqu gives HR administrators the ability to build reports from any field or data point. Reports can then be exported into either an Excel file or batch downloaded into PDF format for use in other systems, audits, or business processes.

HR Analytics

Xenqu’s powerful reporting features give your internal decision-makers real-time data metrics on workforce turnover, performance, revenue drivers and compliance. The Xenqu dashboard gives HR managers full visibility on targeted metrics that track their most important initiatives.

Policy Compliance

Regulatory policy compliance requirements demand evidence of completion and comprehension. Distributing this content to both staff and contractors without the right technology presents a challenge that Xenqu can solve. Email and spreadsheets don’t close the loop on gathering audit-proof data that demonstrates regulatory compliance.

Track Content

The Xenqu platform enables the development of comprehensive content and distributes interactive materials that ensure HR teams are in-touch with which employees received, read, and comprehended the material. Reporting tools enable stakeholders to see the time spent reviewing and interacting with content to build improve documentation and identify potential risks that may require mitigation.

“Without question, the solution to maintaining ACA compliance is by leveraging a content-centric, workforce management system that provides both employees and employers the necessary information for choosing proper benefits, along with the right tools for tracking and reporting..”

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Ben Olson
CEO, Essium

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